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Hear and Know -- RFID's Animal Attraction RFID Connections interviewed Bill Hoffman, Chair, AIM Global RFID Animal Identification Workgroup, and V.P. of Business Development and Marketing for Advanced ID Corporation for his views on the status of the AIM Global RFID Animal Identification Project.
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Hear and Know -- The Future Ranks of RFID/AIDC - Gen 2.0's Next Generation RFID Connections interviewed Kevin Berisso, PhD, the Executive Director for the Center for Automatic Identification at Ohio University, to get his thoughts on who will be entering the RFID/AIDC fields in the next few years.
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Hear and Know--RFID Solutions: Beyond Active, Passive, and the Mandate Mania RFID Connections interviewed Suresh Palliparambil, Director, Business Development at Intelleflex Corporation, to get his views on the RFID solutions available between a fully passive and a fully active solution as well as his belief that smart companies are implementing RFID solutions beyond the mandate basics.
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Annual Showcase Awards Dinner

If you missed the 2006 AIM Showcase and Industry Awards Gala, you'll want to take a look at this video. Included are recognitions of committee chairs, remarks by Tom Miller, and much more. If you were in the audience, this is your chance to relive the fun and the celebration of this year's award recipients of the Percival and Dilling Awards.

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RFID Connections interviewed Tim Heffernan, Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Symbol Technologies, to get his views on how RFID and Auto ID issues are perceived in Congress. Originally interviewed at AIM's Annual showcase as a podcast, Tim's views can be heard. So if you don't have time to read Tim's entire interview now, download it onto your iPod/MP3 player and listen in on your way home. Note: Written transcript has been edited from audio interview for grammar and syntax.
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