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Hear and Know - Dr. Gisele Bennett: Best Guesses From Georgia Tech

RFID Connections interviewed Dr. Gisele Bennett, Director, Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory
Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech Research Institute to get her views on which RFID technologies she consider revolutionary along with which applications she thinks will drive markets today and in the future.

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Hear And Know -- Allan Griebenow and Axcess: RFID as common as TiVo

RFID Connections interviewed Allan Griebenow, President and Chief Executive Officer of AXCESS International about RFID Issues pertaining to security, tagging, and access control. He also talked about the future of RFID, where the technology will be as common to the average user as iPods, Satellite TV and TiVo.

By John C. Havens
Features Editor

Allan's views can be heard by clicking on the "podcast" icon in the article. So if you don't have time to read Allan's entire interview now, download it onto your iPod/MP3 player and listen in on your way home.

Note: Written transcript has been edited from audio interview for grammar and syntax.

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Hear And Know -- Bill Arnold & Omron: The Inevitable Growth of RFID

RFID Connections interviewed Bill Arnold, Chief Strategist for Omron RFID, to get his views on the greatest challenges facing RFID manufacturers. We also asked him to forecast how RFID will be viewed in five years time and got some encouraging answers.
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