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Spotlight On:  RFID Technology

The six-minute RFID video was sponsored by AIM Global members FEIG ELECTRONIC, Intermec Technologies, Markem Corporation, PSC Inc., and Symbol Technologies and produced by Public Television film entertainment company, Trivue Entertainment.

Footage from the member sponsors, American Express, and The Boeing Company, combined with interviews by Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Director, University of Arkansas RFID Research Center and Mr. Ken Porad, Associate Technical Fellow for Boeing, give a concise and interesting snapshot of what radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is and how it is currently being used.

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Annual Showcase Awards Dinner

If you missed the 2006 AIM Showcase and Industry Awards Gala, you'll want to take a look at this video. Included are recognitions of committee chairs, remarks by Tom Miller, and much more. If you were in the audience, this is your chance to relive the fun and the celebration of this year's award recipients of the Percival and Dilling Awards.

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